About Me

Spencer Rayner Owner of SR Digital
Spencer Rayner – Owner/ Operator
SR Digital Advertising

My name is Spencer Rayner, Owner/ Operator of SR Digital Advertising. I am a digital advertiser that specializes in getting leads, store visits and increases in online sales through eCommerce marketing.

I was born and raised in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and still reside here today in Oyster Bed Bridge with my family.

SR Digital was created to assist local businesses to help achieve their business goals through digital advertising in a world that is rapidly prioritizing an online presence.

We help local businesses by working with them to create a variety of digital marketing campaigns using platforms such as, search and display ads, e-mail, social media, as well as, web development to sell online.

I grew to have a passion for online advertising as I was completing my Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) at the University of Prince Edward Island. I then decided to further my education by completing my Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, where I gained the expertise to help grow businesses online.

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