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Shopify Partner

As a Shopify Partner we will build your next e-commerce website for you. Lets make it easy for your customers to purchase online.
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Facebook Advertising

We can provide you with several services that Facebook can offer:

1) Back-end Facebook advertising to match your business goals:
– Increase website traffic.
– Get more leads/ messages/ online sales/ store visits.
– Use targeted ads to reach your audience.
2) Social media takeover. We take control of your Facebook or Instagram page to increase your following on social media.

Google Advertising

We will create eye-catching search and display ads to help promote your product or brand. Use these ads to increase:
1) Online sales
2) Brand awareness
3) Flood your website with people who want to buy your product.
4) Promote your product on YouTube and other popular websites.

E-Mail Marketing

We can design emails to match your business goals and deliver it to your subscriber base. If you have an offer or message you would like to send to some or all of your database, we can help!

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Website Analytics

Find out valuable insights about your customers with website analytics. Valuable insights include:
– Customer demographics.
– Consumer geographic locations.
– Customer digital habits and trends.
– Website optimization.
– Reports can be generated monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

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